Koko has stocked Real Flower jewellery by Shrieking Violet for a number of years. It is a real favourite with customers. Whether it be for everyday wear or the larger statement pieces – there is something for everyone. Shrieking Violet won “Gift of the Year 2017”. You can see why, they really do make a fabulous and unique gift idea.

The flowers are grown specifically for the jewellery. It’s crazy how they are grown so small yet, so perfect. The flowers are then encapsulated in resin to keep their vibrant colour, showing off the flowers natural beauty. The Resin is then encased in sterling silver, all the chains and ear posts are also sterling silver. So no need to worry about them irritating your ears.

Real flower jewellery UKWhat is so unique about real flower Jewellery?

Each piece of real flower jewellery is hand crafted. Shrieking Violets head gardner keeps a watchful eye on the flowers, tending to them with love (and water) until they reach the perfect size. They are then carefully picked, preserved and arranged into beautiful creations. Each piece of real flower jewellery is unique. All the flowers vary slightly in size, colour and shape, so each piece of jewellery will be slightly different. Especially the mixed flower collection with a slight different mix in each jewellery piece.

What are the different flowers avaliable?

Everyone has a favourite flower, with Shrieking Violet you have a choice of quite a few. One of our best sellers is the Forget-Me-Not collection. The dainty pale blue flowers are very feminine and make a great sentimental gift. The Rose is another favourite perfect for an anniversary present or for Valentine’s Day! The Poppy collection is always popular around Arimistice Day, something a bit different to commemorate those who fought for us. The Four Leaf Clover collection is amazing, all those hours as a child I spent looking for a four leaf clover and now you can have one set in your jewellery. Great as a good luck present! If you can’t decide between all the flowers then the Mixed Flower Collection is for you. They look fabulous with a mix of striking colours that go with any outfit – day or night.

Shop at Koko for Real Flower Jewellery.

We have a large collection of Real Flower jewellery avaliable to purchase online. If we don’t have a particular item in stock or you were looking for a different shape, please contact us we always have a huge collection in our retail shop. We always sell at the RRP and shipping is £3.50 or free over £40. Shop online now at kokogifts.co.uk for real flower Jewellery.

The perfect gift for yourself or a over one. Flowers and Jewellery in one – Perfect combination.