Jewellery Sizing

We try and describe our jewellery the best we can, but here are some useful tips on sizing.

Necklace length.

We want you to have the perfect length necklace, this illustration should help.

Ring Size

How to find your ring size…

Use a piece of string!

  1.  When you measure your finger, make sure they are not too hot or cold.
  2. Wrap a piece of string around the base of the finger, making sure you can slide the string over your knuckle.
  3. Next, mark the point where the string overlaps with a pen. (This may require help.)
  4. Making sure you measure from the correct end, measure in mm the length from the start of the string to the mark that you made.
  5. Look up your size on this easy chart. If you are between sizes please choose the next largest. Also, if you are stacking rings sometimes it’s best to go up a size on the second / third ring. Also with thicker rings it’s sometimes better to go up a size.