Dog Fever!

New to Koko Dog Fever. Dog Fever jewellery is perfect for any Dog lover. Rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants and accessories make up the collections. The entire collection is designed, and hand crafted in Milan using 925 sterling silver and enamel. The design process is complex and is carried out by trained sculpturists who have developed their skills further using computer based design programmes. Each piece is designed as a 3D image before being produced as a prototype. From here, improvements to optimise the final pieces are proposed. Once finalised, each piece goes through a manufacturing process and is completed by a team of silversmiths. Enamelled pieces are painted by hand using cold enamel by trained miniaturists.

Bespoke option

Custom orders can also be made with for an additional charge, enamelling can be painted to match your Dog’s markings and colour. Get in touch for more information.


Dog Fever UK are proud to partner with the Dogs Trust. A percentage of all sales will be donated to the charity. 


All Dog Fever jewellery comes gift boxed!

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We don’t always have every breed in stock. Please contact us if you cannot see what your looking for or you want to discuss custom options.

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